Watchmen, Dragonball, Terminator: August 27th Comic Reel


Superhero Hype has a look at new magazine covers featuring characters from the film.

The New York Times has an in-depth analysis of the legal issues at question between Fox and Warner Brothers.


The word from Comingsoon.net is that a trailer for the manga adaptation will be seen October 17th attached to screenings of "Max Payne."


CBR News talked to actor Garret Dillahunt about portraying a robot assassin from the future.


According to Toon Zone, Guy Michelmore will provide the score for two upcoming animated direct-to-DVD features: "Hulk Versus" and "Thor: Tales of Asgard." Michelmore will also be providing the score to the upcoming "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" CGI-animated series, slated for an early 2009 debut on the Nicktoons Network.


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