Watchmen Cast Named!

Check it out. Some interesting choices on the list, but a good job overall. Click "read the rest" to see some pics of the cast.

Rorschach - Jackie Earle Haley

Haley recently got an Oscar nomination for a creepy turn as a child molester just out on parole in the film Little Children.

So he works well as the creepy Rorschach.

But of course, Haley is mainly known for his roles as a teen, where he played Moocher in Breaking Away and Kelly Leak in Bad News Bears.

By the by, look at Steve Nash...

The resemblance is freaky, no?

Dr. Manhattan - Billy Crudup

Crudup is the biggest name of this crew, and he is a great actor.

Laurie Juspeczyki/the Silk Spectre - Malin Akerman

I know nothing about Akerman.

Adrien Veidt/Ozymandias - Matthew Goode

Goode IS a pretty man, so I guess that helps for Ozymandias...

I've liked Goode in what I've seen him in.

Nite-Owl - Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson was good in Angels in America.

The Comedian - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Morgan has the look down, doesn't he?

There you go - for a cast lacking in big names, I think they did a nice job.

What do you folks think?

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