Watchmen, Black Panther, Painkiller Jane: August 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Director Zack Snyder kicked off the new official site with a production blog and some photos from his San Diego experience.


Director John Singleton is playing up the possibility of directing the King of Wakanda, this time suggesting a casting choice. When asked by Reelzchannel.com, he said, "Chiwetel Ejiofor could do it."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Sci Fi Channel is pulling the plug on the Event Comics adapted series. The final episodes will air, with the last one on air September 21st.


All the news from Gotham today is high profile -- CNN reports real life Vermont statesman Senator Patrick Leahy has a speaking role in the Bat-sequel. "He can't reveal the exact details of his role in the upcoming movie," the network reported, "but he did say he has landed a scene with its two stars, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger."

Meanwhile, this YouTube clip shows yet another benefit of being Mark Millar ...


There's a rumor about roles in the rebooted sequel at unofficial site Ray-Stevenson.com: "The remaining lead characters include the main villain Billy Russo/Jigsaw, LBJ/Looney Bin Jim (Jigsaw's brother), Nicky Donatelli (undercover FBI agent serving as Jigsaw's right hand man), his wife Angela Donatelli, FBI agent Luke MacDonald, Det. Martin Soap, and Microchip (The Punisher's armorer)."


IESB claims that the Action Man team up idea is still in the works, and that "Transporter" actor Jason Statham is being considered to play the British role alongside his "Italian Job" co-star Mark Wahlberg as Duke.

IESB also claims that director Stephen Sommers returned his draft card and will not be directing the toy-to-film project -- because he wants more money.


In a story at MTV it seems like Seth Rogen kids around with fans but takes the work seriously. "It's my only goal, to piss off nerds," Rogen said, but then followed with, "We're really going to sit down and get into it. We made 'Pineapple Express,' which is an action-comedy, but the action is the thing that stood out to the people we've shown the movie to so far -- and my favorite types of movies are action/adventure movies, so that's what we're trying to do. We really want to make it an awesome action movie."


Comic Reel readers knew this two days ago, but now TV Guide is confirming that actress Nichelle Nichols is joining the cast as a recurring character named "Nana," the New Orleans-based grandmother of newbie character Monica (played by Dana Davis).

Herosite also noted this YouTube clip from the Season One DVD set which features an interview with Masi Oka ...


One of our favorite readers Tom Stillwell wrote in to mention an inter-office memo he got that talked about some Chi-town street closures for the Mark Millar adaptation. "Wednesday, August 15: Full closure on Lake Street from Franklin Street to Stetson Avenue from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00A.M. Thursday, August 16: Full closure on Lake Street from Franklin Street to Stetson Avenue from 7:00 P.M. until 6:00 A.M." So get out there with your cameras, people!


CBR News has a feature about actress Karen Cliche, who plays a bounty hunter on the Sci Fi Network series.


Toon Zone has an interview with screenwriter Greg Johnson, who penned the Sorcerer Supreme's direct-to-DVD adventure. "If Strange was an arrogant jerk for no reason, then it would have been hard," Johnson said, talking about challenges in presenting the good doctor. "As a character, he would have gotten old pretty quickly. So we dug into his past to find out why he behaves like he does. Why he's thrown himself into his work, taking the impossible cases. Cases that no one else would touch. That way, if he were successful, he would be celebrated. If he failed, who could blame him? They were lost causes, anyway. Redeeming him by the end wasn't so difficult once we understood him, but it does require believable steps along the way. Steps that need to also propel the plot, the agendas of the other characters, and end up culminating with a big finale. The biggest enemy to that is indeed the running time. It's a balancing act, and some aspects of story or characterization, or even action sequences, don't get as explored as much as I'd like."


Fresh spoilers about the November 1st episode are at Kryptonsite while TV Guide's Michael Ausiello confirms an already released spoiler about a certain resurrection.


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