<i>Watchmen</i>, <i>Amazing Spider-Man</i> #583 top direct-market titles of 2009

The Amazing Spider-Man #583 -- that's the President Obama issue, with its five printings -- and Watchmen lead Diamond's lists of the top-selling comic books and graphic novels in 2009.

Shocking, right? Okay, we already knew that The Amazing Spider-Man was the most-ordered comic of the entire decade in the direct market. And is doesn't take a dedicated charts watcher to guess how the rest of the Top 10 shakes out: DC Comics' bestselling Blackest Night miniseries grabs five spots (Nos. 2 and 5-8), Marvel's summer event Captain America: Reborn #1 at No. 3, Batman and Robin #1 at No. 4, the Captain America #600 at No. 9 and Dark Avengers #1 at No. 10.

Yes, DC had six of the Top 10 titles last year -- and 19 of the Top 25. That's due almost entirely to the performances of Green Lantern, Blackest Night and Batman and Robin.

To find publishers other than Marvel and DC, you'll have to scroll way down the Top 500: Dark Horse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer #21 appears at No. 152 with 11 more issues -- including two one-shots -- charting lower. Image debuts at No. 351 with Haunt #1, followed at No. 463 by Image United #1.

The graphic-novel list offers more variety, with a Top 10 populated by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century -- 1910 at No. 2, the ninth, tenth and first volumes of The Walking Dead at Nos. 3-5, Secret Invasion at No. 6, the Batman R.I.P. hardcover at No. 7, the 12th volume of Fables at No. 8, Stephen King's The Stand: Captain Trips hardcover at No. 9 and the 1st volume of Fables at No. 10.

It's probably worth noting that the first manga title, the 45th volume of Naruto, doesn't appear on the comic-store list until No. 100.

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