Watchmen: 10 Things Fan Can Only Learn By Reading Agent Petey's Files

HBO’s Watchmen is a show filled to the brim with unanswered questions, mysteries and familiar faces taking whole new forms. It’s been a long time since Adrian Vedit enacted his masterplan, one which would supposedly save the world from the threat of nuclear apocalypse and war altogether. Just ask agent Laurie Blake (Formerly Laurie Juspeczyk).

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The world has changed and some have the heroes that protect it. But what exactly has happened since the events of 11/2 and how has life changed since that fateful day? Fans may not have all the answers quite yet, but agent Petey is here to fill in some of the blanks.

10 Judd Crawford’s Secret Life

In a document titled “Four Letters” found in agents Petey’s files, J. David Keene (famous for his work on the Keene Act, which would outlaw masked vigilantes) reaches out to a sheriff Crawford, who is likely Judd’s grandfather. In the letter, Keene discusses the importance of the work of George Catlin (the “artist-prophet” who painted Martial Feats Of Comanche Horsemanship) and how it is meant as a reminder of the “birthright” that these men carry. Having been passed down from generation to generation, eventually reaching Judd Crawford, the piece seems to imply that the outwardly progressive Judd Crawford had some (hooded) skeletons in his closet. So to speak.

9 The Lack Of Internet

While the world of Watchmen may seem very advanced compared to our own in many ways(electric cars, cloned babies, etc.), there are some very noticeable differences between our world and theirs. As it turns out, after Veidt dropped his giant squid on New York, the world went a little crazy. Many of the world’s citizens and even their governments began to assume the Doctor Manhattan and the technology that he had helped create had drawn this interdimensional invader to them. Think Y2K only instead of computers crashing the world, they invited a guest to do it for them. While this is obviously ridiculous, the government took it rather seriously and even commissioned the FDA (now FDTA) to decide which technologies were safe, and which, well, attracted giant squids of death.

8 What Happened To Adrian Veidt

While Veidt may have been the “smartest man on the planet” he certainly didn’t see the mass technological paranoia coming, because during the 80s and 90s his company was in steady decline. While his company eventually got back on its feet after pivoting toward genetically modified foods and pet cloning (the same technology that made his pet lynx, Bubastis) Adrian Veidt himself wasn’t so lucky.

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The former masked vigilante and “savior of the world” became more and more reclusive and eventually faked his own death (likely with a clone). While Petey’s files don’t give any specific answers as to what happened after that, fans will likely get some idea of what happened to Veidt before the season concludes.

7 Robert Redford’s Presidency

Alexander Pierce Robert Redford

It seems that the people of the United States have a lot to thank Adrian Veidt for. While he may have dropped a giant squid on them, killing millions, he is also one of the main reasons that Robert Redford was elected president back in 1992. Veidt seems to have spent a fortune back Redford to unseat Nixon, and as they say, “money talks”. With Veidt’s help throughout the late 80s and early 90s, Redford was, in fact, able to unseat president Nixon and with Redford came a blue wave the likes of which America had never seen. Although Veidt and Redford had a falling out thanks to Redford sweeping campaign finance reform laws, Redford was able to make many of the left-leaning changes that fans of the series have seen throughout the first few episodes.

6 The Publication Of Rorschach’s Journal

The series makes it pretty clear that Rorschach’s journal was, in fact, published. However, despite Rorschach’s journal being published by the (then) small-time right-wing news outlet The New Frontiersman, not many people take it too seriously. While extremist groups like the Seventh Calvary have turned Rorschach into a martyr, a man who was unafraid of speaking truth to power, the rest of the world seems to have dismissed it as easily as something that would be published in the daily inquirer or anything rumor-peddling media outlet.

5 The Depth Of Petey’s Hatred For American Hero Story

In his own words agent Petey refers to American Hero Story as “ ..Bad. Really, really Bad.” But while that gives us some idea of his opinion on the series, Petey went so far as to draft a three-page memorandum criticizing a series that he views as both harmfully inaccurate and problematic.

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In his memorandum, Petey tears down the dramatizations of people who had actually been harmed throughout the series --including “a very esteemed colleague of [ours]”. He also points to inaccuracies in the handling or heroes like The Comedian and Hooded Justice. He even goes so far as to tear down Under The Hood, which fans may remember as the work by Hollis Mason, the original Niteowl.

4 Why The Police Have Niteowl’s Tech

Watchmen Nite Owl Silk Spectre

From the very first episode, owl-eyed fans may have noticed that the police were flying around in something that looked an awful lot like the Owlship that Niteowl would fly around in during his hero days. Then, as the series continued, it became more and more apparent that the police were, in fact, using Niteowl’s tech. So the question became, just how did the police get their hands on his tech? Did they raid his lab when they after he ran off with Laurie? Did he get caught and use his tech as a bargaining tool? Well, it seems that much like Veidt, Daniel Dreiberg had quite a keen business sense. After he went into retirement, Daniel started a company called Merlincorp and began selling his technology to the police. Seemingly making him a very rich man.

3 What Happened To Laurie And Dan After Watchmen

Watchmen Laurie Blake Comedian feature

After the events of Veidt’s attack on New York, Laurie and Daniel decided that they needed to get away and start a new life somewhere where they could find peace with what had transpired. Wedding bells. Happily ever after, right? Right? Well, apparently once a masked vigilante, always a masked vigilante, because Silk Spectre eventually became The Comedienne and The Comedienne (along with Niteowl) eventually got caught. While their love life had already fizzled out (Dan wanted kids, Laurie wanted guns), they agreed to do one last job together. However, as often happens, the last job was the job that got them caught in a world of trouble.

2 How Laurie Got Herself Out Of FBI Custody

Having been caught up after killing a terrorist in April of ‘95(the same year Robert Redford was elected president), Laurie found herself in the custody of the FBI. While Niteowl seemingly refused to say a single word, Laurie was only slightly less tight-lipped. She outright refused to play ball with agents Latimer and Dinwitty (the agents who interviewed her after she was taken into custody), but she did manage to get the duo to “tell [their] boss to tell his boss to tell his boss to tell Gatsby that [she] knows what really happened on [November 2, 1985].”

1 How Laurie Juspeczyk Got Blue Balls (AKA How Laurie Blake Got Her Groove Back)

Watchmen Doctor Manhattan phone booth

While it did take three long episodes, HBO managed to fit in a Doctor Manhattan d**k joke in the form of Laurie Blake’s brilliant, big blue dildo. While many fans may assume that something like that could be picked up at any local sex shop, it was actually created by Merlincorp. Yep. That’s right. Daniel Dreiberg, Niteowl himself, crafted Laurie a specially made Doctor Manhattan sex toy because he had a feeling that she might still be hung up on her ex. While the sentiment is rather...sweet? It’s still a bit of an odd chose for her then-boyfriend to make. But how would anyone react knowing that their current partner had just finished dating a literal god? Talk about an inferiority complex. Yeesh.

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