Watchmen, 30 Days of Night, Punisher 2, Hawaiian Dick: March 27th Comic Reel Wrap


One of the main voices at Ain't It Cool News has reported, "Snyder mentioned that he was about to meet with the producers of WATCHMEN to discuss whether or not he would come aboard to direct the long-in-development film. I've been able to confirm now that Snyder has entered negotiations with Warner Bros. to helm the project, which is fantastic news."


Superhero Hype has a note that British director David Slade has been hired to turn the Steve Niles-Ben Templesmith horror comic series into a feature film. "Brian Nelson's writing the script, so that means we have a very original take on the genre," Slade said. "Indeed, I don't believe there's much of the genre left in what we've written, but it's very faithful both to Steve Niles' writing, and the town and the esthetic -- we hope at this point, because we're not shooting until the summer -- will be very close to Ben Templesmith's artwork. But we're going to maintain the level of realism."


Actor Thomas Jane told fans on his message board that the film is delayed, and shooting won't start this summer. "'P2' is still looking for a good story at this point," Jane said. "We're working on it, and hope to have a script by the fall."


According to the Hollywood Reporter (registration required), Frank Coraci ("The Waterboy," "The Wedding Singer") will direct the supernatural private eye thriller being produced by Practical Pictures' Craig Perry and Quattro Media's Jim Strader for New Line Cinema. The script, by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift ("Freddy vs. Jason"), is based on the 2002 comic by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin. Johnny Knoxville was at one point pegged to star.


Kryptonsite is on deck with screen captures (both regular and high resolution) for the March 30th episode "Hypnotic," as well as the official network description of the April 13th episode "Fragile" (directed by Tom Welling). Meanwhile, their arch enemies at Devoted to Smallville have another photo (registration required) from the filming of the episode "Fade."


If you're ready for all kinds of possible spoilers, this alleged synopsis at Dark Horizons may get your webs a-spinning. Meanwhile, there's a video report on filming in Cleveland.


Speaking of Marvel-related sequels, Superhero Hype talked to actress Ellen Page about playing Chris Claremont's favorite girl, Kitty Pryde. "There's actually not that much green screen," she said. "Obviously, my running through walls skill isn't completely honed, so yeah, there's green screen holes in walls. But it was fun to act in leather suits."


Finally, Comics Continuum has some of the comments made by voice actor Nolan North about playing Hank Pym in the direct-to-DVD feature.


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