Watching the River Flow for WizardWorld Chicago

What's the matter with me,I don't have much to say,Daylight sneakin' through the windowAnd I'm still in this all-night cafe.Walkin' to and fro beneath the moonOut to where the trucks are rollin' slow,To sit down on this bank of sandAnd watch the river flow.

This is for all the various rambling thoughts that I have about WizardWorld Chicago that I do not think deserve their own full entry to discuss. There will undoubtably be some spoilers ahead, so beware! Otherwise, enjoy!

For the record, I'm basing all my reactions off of the news articles I've read from Comic Book Resources. Check them out for more info!

*Peter Gross is now going to be drawing Testament? That is a nice pickup.

*Is there really not a good Swamp Thing pitch out there? Seems so hard to believe.

*Having a future issue of Action Comics be in 3-D is a great idea.

*So, the Spirit ongoing series is still a go? I trust Darwyn Cooke implicitly, so I assume it’ll be good…but man, I really sorta would like to see Cooke do something totally original (then again, presuming he has a lot of creative freedom, maybe his Spirit WILL be totally original!).

*Put me down as one of those readers who is irked at the idea of killing off Pa Kent (who I think, along with Ma Kent, is one of the best ideas Byrne had for his revamp), especially in the sense that it really appears as though his death is an off-handed “snowball idea” by Brad Meltzer. LAME!

*Oh, and the whole “tormenting Ralph Dibny” thing? How lame is THAT?

*While not the most original joke in the world, Kevin Smith’s bit about what Brian Singer’s revelation of what happened after the scene in Superman II where Superman had no powers? Quite funny (and accurate).

*Jason Aaron has a new series involving a Native American reservation cited, as a partial influence, Ian Frazier’s On the Rez. Therefore, Scalped needs to be taken a look at, as anyone who is influence by Ian Frazier can’t be wholly bad!

*Joe Quesada on the Spidey marriage:“I’m not crazy about it,” Quesada admitted. “Everybody wants to write a single Peter Parker … but I will not divorce Peter Parker … if we do that, and it gets into the media that Peter Parker got divorced, first of all most people who hear it won’t know that he was married, and then they’ll say ‘How can Marvel do this? How can they let Peter Parker get divorced?’Fair enough. But then he specifically has a no comment on whether Mary Jane would be killed. Wouldn’t “Spider-Man’s a widower?!? How can Marvel do this? have the same likelihood as the divorce one?

*Certainly not a big deal, but why are Marvel’s Young Guns basically all, well, not young? If your big comic book break came in a year beginning with 199, then you aren’t a Young Gun!

*Isn’t it a bit late for an Emperor Joker TPB? And 2007 would just be insanely too late.

*I really like Leinil Yu’s art. But I worry about him as a “regular” artist. I think he’s better used on finite projects.

*Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy will be returning? I bet it will be handled super well!

*Okay, that was sarcasm, so sue me!

*I am pleased that we’re actually going to see the Illuminati DOING things now.

*Pablo Raimondi’s return to X-Factor is great news.

*Marc Sumerak is a very good writer.

*Hey, is Raimondi going to keep stupid big-wolf-head Rahne?

That’s all for now, folks!That's all for now, folks!

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