Watching the River Flow for Heroes Con

What's the matter with me,I don't have much to say,Daylight sneakin' through the windowAnd I'm still in this all-night cafe.Walkin' to and fro beneath the moonOut to where the trucks are rollin' slow,To sit down on this bank of sandAnd watch the river flow.

This is for all the various rambling thoughts that I have about Heroes Con that I do not think deserve their own full entry to discuss. There will undoubtably be some spoilers ahead, so beware! Otherwise, enjoy!

- I loved this bit by JMS...

When asked about Reed Richards' motivation for joining the pro-registration side in Civil War, Straczynski said that in an upcoming issue, he has Peter Parker ask Reed that very question. As Straczynski related, Reed tells Peter about his uncle, who was a writer and creator, and was caught up in a McCarthy-esque witch hunt, and as a result, was jailed and saw his career destroyed. When Peter expresses his feelings of how horrible that must have been for Reed's uncle, Mr. Fantastic says it was, but the law is the law is the law, and his uncle was wrong for not cooperating with the government - a stance by Reed which Peter finds unsettling.

Note how that does not actually answer the question, "What is Reed Richards' motivation for joining the pro-registration side?"

- I have to say, I'm digging both the She-Hulk and the Thunderbolts second print covers. I love the ditching of the civil war banner!

Who drew that She-Hulk cover?

- Great news about more Power Pack mini-series. Marc Sumerak is doing an amazing job on that series of mini-series, and I am pleased that the "series of mini-series" idea seems to be paying off.

- Also good to hear that Greg Pak is sticking around on Hulk. He's been quite good.

- Dan Didio, joking about DC Comics since he sat down with Johnuckanick almost five years ago to plan the stories that became Infinite Crisis...

I take responsibility for everything you love," Didio said about the changes in the DCU to date, joking. "And blame Greg [Rucka] for everything you hate.

Strangely enough, put Grant Morrison in place of Didio, and that's exactly how I've been reading 52...hehe.

- Didio on Cassandra Cain....

I loved the first arc of Batgirl. The silent Batgirl, the dangerous Batgirl, the weapon Batgirl. We're trying to get back to that.

Do you think Didio has been reading Robin? Doesn't sound like it.

- Eric Powell, Kevin Nowlan, J.G. Jones, George Perez, Adam Hughes, and Brian Bolland. That is some impressive talent for the 52 origin backups!

- Let's take a gander at this passage...

Asked about the changes coming in Captain Marvel as a character, Didio said that he felt it is long past time to change the character to make him and the other Marvels work better in the modern day as well as the DC Universe. Confessing his feelings about the character, Didio said that, as he saw it, Captain Marvel had not worked as a concept since DC acquired the rights to the character family in the '70s. The purity of the concept doesn't hold together as well as that of Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, Didio explained - the sensibility of the character, as originally envisioned, doesn't translate across the decades as that of the other heroes' does. The upcoming Trials of Shazam miniseries is an attempt at finding a way to make it work.

Perhaps the problem IS the fact that you're TRYING to integrate them! WHY do they have to be integrated?!?!

- Our pal T should love Marv Wolfman being the new Nightwing writer. As for myself, talk about entering with zero expectations! After the absolute mess that Jones made with the title, Wolfman could do almost ANYthing and it would be an improvement! I wish him luck with it. Nice to see him get a regular writing gig again.

- Jeff Smith's Captain Marvel IS still coming out? HUZZAH!!

Thanks to Matt Brady for the news quotes.

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