Watching the River Flow for 7/14

What's the matter with me,I don't have much to say,Daylight sneakin' through the windowAnd I'm still in this all-night cafe.Walkin' to and fro beneath the moonOut to where the trucks are rollin' slow,To sit down on this bank of sandAnd watch the river flow.

This is for all the various rambling thoughts that I have about this week's comics that I do not think deserve their own full entry to discuss. There will undoubtably be some spoilers ahead, so beware! Otherwise, enjoy!

- In the latest issue of Civil War: Front Line, the "historical comparison" segment of the comic was the least laughably lame so far. In fact, so much so that it wasn't laughably lame at ALL.

And, astonishingly, it is also the first one that didn't directly compare historical events to the plights of superheroes.

It was a nice little short story comparing soldiers in World War I to New York City firefighters.

I think there's a lesson there somewhere.

- So the old dude is an Atlantean? Wouldn't it be cool if Civil War was just some Atlantean plot? The mother of the kid who died at the elementary school suddenly pulls out this huge seashell and blows into it like a horn, calling in the invasion force, which was just waiting for the superheroes to be distracted to invade!

Okay, not cool, but it'd sure be trippy!

- PR king Alex Segura just told me an interesting tidbit for those of you attending SDCC! DC will share some free treats at the DC Booth at SDCC if you know the password. The password?

Password 1 - "In brightest day"

Password 2: "What's what"

Pretty cool move by DC!

- Has there BEEN a bigger waste of comic book pages than the History of the DC Universe back-up in 52? It's not like it's Dan Jurgens' fault or anything, the idea is just terrible. Okay, the inclusion of things he was involved in was a bit his fault, but that's not the problem with the comic strip.

- So wait, is Hal responsible for what he did as Parallax or not? In Rebirth, it seemed like it was all "the yellow fear monster did it." Now he says things like, "I did it when I was corrupted." Corrupted is a lot different than mind-controlled. Which one is it?

- The latest Thunderbolts read like an Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe.

In a bad way.

- We're five issues into American Virgin and I have no idea what the point of the series is. It doesn't exactly seem to match what Seagle spoke of before it began. It has been basically a straightforward "search for her killers" book, and while I presume that will EVENTUALLY change, it sure is taking its sweet time.

- Shawn McManus' art was a lot of fun in this week's Fables. I still like Bucky better, but McManus was great. He and Willingham did a great couple of Thessaly mini-series together, too. Well worth checking out.

- I don't know why, but I was a lot more interested in the debut issue of The Man Called Kev than I figured I would be, considering how lackluster some of the previous issues were. I think I may have just become innoculated to the character. It's like viral advertising...hehe.

- Given all that time to plan, and THAT's the zombie Reed Richards' brilliant escape plan? The same concept was in my list of the top ten goofiest plot points in the first 10 issues of the Fantastic Four!!

- Green Lantern Corps #2 reminds me of a plot point I like - the "They're...dead!" fakeout.

That's all for now, folks!

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