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Watching the River Flow for 12/12

by  in Comic News Comment
Watching the River Flow for 12/12

What’s the matter with me,
I don’t have much to say,
Daylight sneakin’ through the window
And I’m still in this all-night cafe.
Walkin’ to and fro beneath the moon
Out to where the trucks are rollin’ slow,
To sit down on this bank of sand
And watch the river flow.

It’s been about a half a year since I last did this bit, so to recap – this is for me to just ramble about various stuff that are not worth a full entry to themselves.

There will probably be discussion of spoilers within! Beware!!! And Enjoy!

* For all the problems Ultimates Vol. 3 #1 had, one thing that should not be blamed is the coloring. It looked as bad as it did not because of the coloring, but because of a printing error.

So everyone, apologize to Christian Lichtner!

* I tried doing a Musical Reviews for this past week, but the books just did not lend themselves to the musical I picked. Hopefully next week!!

* Boy, the whole “will Robin agree to join Ra’s Al Ghul?” plot is awfully silly, isn’t it? Talk about some leaps in logic.

* You know, it’s bad enough to have seemingly all of DC’s superhero books tying into Countdown, but what’s even worse is when they don’t even do them on time.

To wit, McDuffie’s first JLA arc just ended – and it was a lead-in to…a comic that came out weeks ago.

The Superman/Batman before the most recent one was a lead-in to the deaths of the New Gods, which has been going on for HOW many months?

And the MOST recent Superman/Batman story was designed to tell us how Dr. Light got to join the Injustice League a few months back?

Why?!?! WHY?!?!?

* The Sinestro Corps War sure got dull, didn’t it? I think I jinxed it by pointing out how much stronger it was turning out than World War Hulk.

* Not that World War Hulk ended well, either. Boy howdy, did it not end well.

* Betty #170 was a complete and utter total LETDOWN. The cover seemed so promising – and so was the story idea – Betty determines she will no longer be Archie’s second choice for dates. Great concept.

But then she finds out that for their latest date, she was his first choice.

Problem solved!!

How ridiculous is that? It was clever for Betty to acknowledge that Archie treats her poorly quite often in relation to Veronica, mostly because he knows Betty is more understanding – and then writer Barbara Slate just has Betty drop it because this time Archie just so happened to have picked Betty first?

So silly.

* Last month’s Supergirl ended with one of the most confusing pieces of art – artist Drew Johnson drew this reflection of Supergirl’s face that did not really match what was going on IN the scene – it was like in Heroes when the lady with the mirror self talks to herself – only it was meant to just be a normal reflection!!

* This week’s Supergirl, though, was a big improvement. I know Puckett did not come up with the whole “Supergirl was meant to be OLDER than Superman when she got here” thing (at least I am pretty sure that’s been around for awhile), but boy, is it a great twist on her origin. And anything that gets away from the silliness of her previous origins – with the crystals popping out of her or whatever the heck was going on when the book was awful.

* In Dynamo 5, how silly was the shapeshifter guy making out with some girl while he was impersonating his hurt teammate? I mean, dude, have a LITTLE impulse control! You can hit on the girl LATER – not when you’re impersonating another guy. Also, what the heck is this girl making out with some guy in the high school hallway, like, three minutes after meeting him? Jay Faerber rules, and Dynamo 5 is a good book – but that really didn’t work for me.

* Suburban Glamour has basically the same plot as Mike Carey’s God Save the Queen. I get that it is not intentional, but boy, that is weird. I guess “Changeling from the land of Fairies is raised as a human, but then gets caught up in a war in the land of the Fairies” is not THAT original of a concept, no?

* The Luna Brothers kill off way too many people in their comic. I think they would be way better off if they did not kill so many people.

They draw really well, though! And Sword is SOOOOOO much better than Girls, it is nuts. I knew they could not be as bad as they seemed in Girls, especially as Ultra was so good. So Sword is still a good read – but boy, is it violent.

* Oh, did I forget to mention how fun Proof has been from Image?

It has been fun.

* Moondragon as an actual dragon…well, it is AN idea.

* The Order continues to be one of the best superhero comics out there.

* How the hell did Larry Stroman get BETTER as an artist since 1992??!!? Maybe he just had a lot of time to draw What If…? Rise & Fall of the Shi’ar Empire?

* Fernando Ruiz had a fun, informative story in Jughead and Friends Digest #25. I love when comics give history lessons. This time, it was explaining where Jughead’s famous hat comes from.

* Larry Hama is actually doing a nice job on GI Joe: Stormshadow, which is surprising, as I have NO interest in a Stormshadow ongoing series.

That’s all for now!

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