WATCH: X-Men Battle the Avengers in Epic Supercut Trailer

Fans can finally see the X-Men face off with the Avengers on-screen -- computer screens, that is. CBR's sister site Screen Rant has released a supercut of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox footage to answer the question of which is really the most powerful team: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, or Prof. X's band of mutants.

While comics readers got to see these teams fight in 2012's "Avengers Vs. X-Men" event and a number of other series, the cinematic universes have been kept separate due to Disney and Fox's competing rights. Thanks to this supercut, fans can experience a glimpse at the super-powered showdown they may never get to see on the big screen, featuring Storm taking on Iron Man, Wolverine challenging the Hulk, Jean Grey facing Scarlet Witch, and more!

CBR also posted a separate extended breakdown of each team's powers, weaknesses and histories. The video below considers how issues like financing or team chemistry might affect the outcome.

Do you agree with CBR's analysis? Which X-Men/Avengers matchups would you most like to see in a live-action movie? How should a cinematic interpretation differ from the comics? Sound off in the comments.

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