Watch: Wolverine fights 'adamantium dysfunction' with Xialis

Wolverine may be the best there is at what he does, but lately he doesn't have the same spring in his step, or snikt! in his claws. That's where Xialis comes in, for mutants with adamantium dysfunction.

That can be a question of blood flow, the narrator advises in this hilarious Cialis parody ad from Nerd City, which depicts a sheepish Logan unable to unsheathe his claws, just when the moment's right for a fight (stupid Scott Summers). However, Xialis can help A.D. sufferers be ready for combat, whenever the need arises.

It's not only for male mutants, either; X-23 can benefit. But be warned: "Xialis does not protect against psychic attacks, or attacks involving magnetic manipulation." Also? You may want to lay off the booze, stick close to the bathroom, and keep an eye out for adamantium rages that last longer than four hours ...

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