WATCH: Why "Batman: The Animated Series" Was Such an Important Cartoon

A new video reflects on the importance of the Emmy-winning "Batman: The Animated Series," and its lasting impact over 20 years since the series debuted on Fox.

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Put together by YouTube user kaptainkristian, the impressive retrospective piece discusses the series' voice cast with the likes of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, its contrast to the Joel Schumacher films at the time and the unique visual aesthetic, among other facets of the show that contributed to it being one of the greatest interpretations of Batman to grace the screen.

Check out the video, titled "Batman - Evolving The Legend," below:

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For those who love "Batman: The Animated Series," be sure to check out the Bruce Timm-executive produced and Kevin Conroy/Mark Hamill-voiced "Batman: The Killing Joke" when it releases on August 2.

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