Watch Two Full Scenes From <i>Predators</i>!

The previously released red band trailer for Predators revealed a decent amount about the upcoming action film's plot — perhaps a little too much information, to be honest. But when complete scenes from the movie are released online, you know you're going to enter spoiler territory. With that said, spoilers are officially on.

Two clips from Predators have made their way online. The first segment sees leading man Royce (Adrien Brody) explaining to the rest of his mercenary pals the concept of their plight — they've been brought to a foreign planet, essentially a game preserve, so that the Predators can hunt them for sport. You can watch the clip at JoBlo.

The second clip, featured above, follows the aftermath of that revelation. Our heroes are brought into a jungle, but they soon realize that they're not alone. Violence, gun fire and old school Predator references ensue.

Sources: JoBlo & Bloody Disgusting

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