WATCH: Troy Baker's Batman Call to Little Girl Will Make You Smile

My youngest daughter Keira has spent nearly all of her five years on this planet as a dyed-in-the-wool Batman fan, eschewing virtually every other superhero in favor of the Dark Knight. Wonder Woman is okay, Superman is fine and Batgirl is always on her periphery, but Batman is ever-present. Like most girls her age, she likes the Disney Fairies, was a massive Elsa fan for a few months, and gets a kick out of "How to Train Your Dragon's" Toothless. But Batman -- he is the best.

About a year ago, I was preparing a video clip for CBR featuring LEGO Batman, voiced by Troy Baker. Keira was across the room watching TV when Baker's Bat-voice boomed out of my laptop speakers. Despite having never heard Baker's Dark Knight before, she immediately recognized him. "That's Batman!" my daughter yelled, running across the room as fast as possible to see what was happening on my computer.

"How did you know that?" I asked.

"Because, that was Batman's voice," she replied before ignoring me, turning all of her attention to the trailer.

When Mr. Baker visited the CBR skybox at New York Comic Con, I shared this story with him. "We have to call her," was his immediate response. Following his CBR TV interview -- airing soon -- he made a point to place the call, which you can watch below. Spoiler Alert: A little girl got the surprise of her life, I'm pretty sure Troy Baker's day was made, and, for the time being at least, I'm the greatest dad in the world.

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