Watch This: The Ninja Turtles <i>Fight The Foot</i> In New Fan Film

Remember that Mortal Kombat Rebirth proof-of-concept film directed by Fame director Kevin Tancharoen? You know, the one that was all serious and gritty and rebooty? Well, this isn't that, but it's similar: Vulture has posted a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan film called Fight the Foot, a three-minute short starring intrepid reporter April O'Neil (sans yellow jumper, sadly) as she defends herself against a group of invading masked assailants — but she doesn't have to hold them off for long, as she gets some assistance from a familiar red-masked face.

Stylistically, it's similar to the Mortal Kombat short, even if the violence isn't quite as over-the-top. Still, it's a far cry from the goofy Turtles films of the '90s, isn't it? Tell us what you think of the short in the comments section!

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