Watch This: Jimmy Fallon Breaks Bad

Breaking Bad is almost over, but the jokes are just getting started.

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the host donned a bald cap, fake goatee, green dress-shirt, beige Members Only jacket and, of course, a pair of tighty-whities to do his best Walter White impression for a bit called "Joking Bad." Calling it a bit isn't exactly fair, however, considering the segment's almost 13-minute runtime. It's a time investment, but a worthy one for Fallon fans and the Breaking Bad faithful. The sketch comes equipped with more Bad references than you could count on first watch: musical cues from "Crystal Blue Persuasion," a nod to Gale's note to the infamous "W.W.," and a truly inspired take on "Face Off."

And that's not even mentioning Hector Salamanca.

Watch the full sketch below and see what you think:

[Source: Vulture]

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