Watch This Hilarious 'Star Wars' Hidden-Camera Prank

Getting a taste of what life must be like on an Empire-occupied planet, a handful of unsuspecting pedestrians were subjected to a "Star Wars" hidden-camera prank on Brazilian television.

For a video that may have been shot for Star Wars Day (it's not exactly clear), Osasco-based broadcast network SBT staged a fairly elaborate joke involving a fleeing Ewok with a lightsaber, a dozen or so stormtroopers, Darth Vader and some poor folks just minding their own business.

In each version of the prank, the jabbering Ewok runs down a street, stopping only long enough to hand off a lightsaber to an innocent bystander, who's soon confronted by the platoon of stormtroopers, led by Lord Vader himself. The people's responses range from hilarious to a bit sad (that poor older couple looks terrified).

Watch the video below.

(via Cabronazi)

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