Watch This: <i>Fringe</i> Teases 'Entrada'

Fox has released a new teaser in promotion of this coming Thursday's installment of Fringe, entitled "Entrada," that unfolds for the viewer like a movie trailer. It's an appropriately cinematic video given the content of the episode — I've already seen "Entrada," and it's possibly the very best hour of this already incredible season, not to mention one of the true greats of the entire series thus far.

Check out the video for yourself:

One last teaser for you, but careful, it concerns some spoilers for this week's episode: two of the characters featured in the above trailer will not survive "Entrada." Indeed, one of them meets a shockingly brutal fate that's sure to drop some jaws. Can't say any more than that -- but it's a great episode and you should definitely tune in on Thursday.

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