Watch This: Daniel Radcliffe Is Harry Potter

"There is no Radcliffe, only Potter." - anon

British actor Daniel Radcliffe joined director Judd Apatow for a Funny or Die interview to reveal that he's not simply an actor playing a wizard, he's actually a wizard playing an actor: according to the man himself, Radcliffe is really and truly The Boy Who Lived, not just a performer. In fact, it's Radcliffe that's the character.

"Dan is a fantastic character and I've really enjoyed playing him, this kind of split reality which I live on and we all live on," he explained. "It was a revelation when I discovered that that's how the world works."

Now that his days in front of the camera are over, Potter/Radcliffe says that he's spending his time chilling out, talking to women, "telling them that I'm Harry and seeing where that gets me."

Watch the shocking (and hilariously bogus) interview for yourself below:

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