Watch 'The Winter Soldier' reimagined as an '80s action movie

Considering the influence 1970s conspiracy thrillers had on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it's not too much of a stretch for someone to reimagine the Marvel sequel as an '80s action movie. However, Frank Ireland goes a step or two further, recutting the film as a grainy trailer for the home-video release of a B-movie from Cannon, known for such gems as Invasion U.S.A., Missing in Action and Cyborg.

He even came up with a new plot, which fits perfectly with her period (and with Cannon, come to think of it): "The year is 2007. Crime is at an all time high and the law has a plan to wipe it out! CAPTAIN AMERICA (Chris Evans), a Vietnam vet who was given super strength by a military scientist, Abraham Erskine (Cillian Murphy) is now America’s new crime fighter. When he refuses to kill an innocent Senator he is back stabbed by the very people who made him! He’s out for revenge. If you’re going to make enemies, you better make sure it’s not America!"

(via The A.V. Club, Nerdist)

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