WATCH: "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Trailer is Finally Upon Us

Hot off the heels of the "Fear the Walking Dead" trailer from Comic-Con International: San Diego, AMC has released the trailer for the hotly anticipated seventh season of "The Walking Dead" that was screened at its panel presentation.

Check out the "Walking Dead" Season 7 trailer below:

Based on the trailer alone, we can tell Negan looms over "The Walking Dead" Season 7 in a big way. The entire first minute or so is dedicated to creating suspense for the reveal of Negan's victim, while the back half of the trailer has plenty of shots of Negan and his trusty baseball bat, Lucille, in addition to plenty of zombie action, and the debut of the character Ezekiel (and his pet tiger) at the end.

A teaser trailer for the seventh season of "The Walking Dead" was released earlier today, which you can check out here.

"The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23, at 9pm ET, on AMC.

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