Watch The Teasers For <i>Smallville's</i> Final Season

Two teasers for the 10th and final season of Smallville have made their way online, one through official channels, and the other, well ...

The first is The CW's official TV spot, which provides us with a glimpse of the famous "S" shield, as well as a parade of familiar faces from seasons past (among them, John Schneider's Pa Kent, Laura Vandervoort's Kara/Supergirl and Michael Shanks' Hawkman).

The second, and far more interesting, teaser is what was screened Sunday at Comic-Con International. The audio isn't great -- it sounds as if the actors are trapped in a well -- but the video is outstanding. Here we see the fabled costume (a hand-me-down from Superman Returns), and get some major clues about the direction of the season. I'll leave the speculation to those who have followed the show much more closely.

Neither gives us a peek at Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, or the season's big villain Darkseid -- unless, of course, that's who the figure is Clark talks to under the tree. And I'm betting Granny Goodness the person in the hood knitting in a hallway.

The 10th season of Smallville debuts on Sept. 24 on The CW.

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