Watch 'The Real Ghostbusters' intro recreated in 3D animation

As beloved as the first two Ghostbusters movies are, for many kids in the mid-1980s and early '90s, the animated television series was effectively the "real" Ghostbusters.

Airing for a whopping seven seasons, The Real Ghostbusters continued the story of the original film, albeit with drastically different-sounding, and -looking, characters (Egon's gravity-defying blond coif was a supernatural phenomenon all its own). The series also retained Ray Parker Jr.'s infectious movie theme, which was used for the cartoon's minute-long premise-establishing opening credits.

Now, 29 years after the debut of The Real Ghostbusters, Zim Animation has recreated that intro in 3D animation. It's probably not far off from what a revival sparked by Paul Feig's big-screen remake might look like.

(via Nerdist)

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