WATCH: The Penguin Gets Ready to Undergo a New Treatment in New "Gotham" Clip

In "A Dead Man Feels No Cold," the next episode of "Gotham," Oswald Cobblepot is forced into treatment in order to mold him into the face of Arhkam's new rehabilitation program. Even as he's strapped down, he warns that vexing the Penguin always has very serious consequences.

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"Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold" -- As Gordon, Bullock and Barnes continue the search for Victor Fries (guest star Nathan Darrow), they are forced to look to his wife, Nora (guest-star Kristen Hager), for help. Meanwhile, Penguin is introduced to Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong), and Alfred reveals some crucial information to Bruce about his parents' murderer.

Starring Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue and David Mazouz, "Gotham" returns Monday, February 29 at 8 pm EST on Fox.

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