Watch the killer trailer for Larime Taylor's 'A Voice in the Dark'

We've written before about Larime Taylor, creator of A Voice in the Dark, a Top Cow series, set at the perfectly named Slaughter University. The comic is infused with satire and black humor, so it's no surprise some of that sensibility seeped into the trailer for the first trade paperback.

Narrated by Jon Bailey, doing his best Don LaFontaine, the trailer acknowledges Taylor's disability -- he was born with arthrogryposis, and draws using his mouth -- and provides a solid overview of the book's premise before going in for the kill (so to speak): "... featuring such pop-culture commercial kryptonite like a female protagonist, realistically drawn women, persons of color and a focus on character and dialogue over meaningless action and gratuitous sex. ... Come on, this book would sell a lot more copies if it had more explosions and boobs."

It's a solid trailer (something relatively rare in comics) that drew a couple of chuckles from me. More importantly, it made me want to pick up the first volume of A Voice in the Dark. Watch it below.

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