WATCH: "The Flash Of Two Worlds" Pulls Off A Silver Age Homage

Last night's episode of "The Flash," which you can read a recap of over here, featured a number of continuity shout outs designed to bring a smile to longtime DC Comics readers' faces. The introduction of Patty Spivot, the opening of 52 gateways to a parallel Earth, the labeling of that parallel world "Earth-2," Cisco talking about his "vibes" -- "The Flash" is wasting no time digging into deep DC continuity for its second season.

Perhaps the biggest DC shout out came towards the end of the episode when the two Flashes (played by Grant Gustin and guest actor Teddy Sears) recreated the cover of 1961's "Flash" #123 -- dialogue and everything. That issue also fittingly shares a title with the episode -- "The Flash of Two Worlds." Below, you can watch the moment unfold in GIF form and compare it to the cover itself.

"The Flash" airs Tuesdays on the CW.

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