Watch The First Hour Of <i>The Cape</i> On The DC Comics iPad App

In an unexpected and somewhat unique form of promotion, the upcoming NBC superhero series The Cape has released the first half of this Sunday's two-hour series premiere, though it appears to be available solely to iPad users. And even then, it's being made available through a venue not typically known for its video offerings: DC Comics' comiXology-developed comic book app.

Upon opening the DC app and entering its "store" section, users can touch an advertisement in the upper right side of the screen, offering them the first hour of the two-hour opener. Rather than starting a download, however, the show begins streaming immediately to the iPad. Obviously, this will limit the watching ability of the show to folks with internet connections readily available, but that's no different than any number of other streaming video apps. The picture quality is clean and crisp, easily the equivalent of Netflix or ABC's apps, with no stutters noticed in watching the first five minutes.

While it's certainly interesting that NBC is continuing their relationship with DC Comics -- Wildstorm produced the comic extras for Heroes and DC put together a special The Cape comic for Comic-Con International attendees -- the potentially bigger deal is that, in addition to their comic book offerings, DC apparently has the ability to sell videos or release trailers directly through their app, as would, presumably, Marvel, Image or any other publisher with a comiXology produced app.

Check out the first full hour of The Cape for yourself, then head back to Spinoff Online and let us know what you think!

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