Watch the dreamlike 'REAL League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'

Like most people, I prefer not to dwell too much on Fox's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the 2003 film adaptation that could only have been assembled through a game of telephone, with each person involved passing along a whispered description of the acclaimed Alan Moore/Kevin O'Neill comic until it finally reached the director.

However, Florian Liedtke appears to have given the movie a good deal of thought, or at least enough to create a video he dubs "The REAL League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Produced for a university project, it's a dreamlike title sequence, using O'Neill's art. Essentially, it's a stylish a motion comic, set to "The Other Side" by Woodkid (with some creative, and occasionally inspired, recasting).

It's easy to envision a similar sequence opening a more faithful adaptation on, say, Showtime, HBO or AMC (although Fox seems determined to take another stab at The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, only this time on television). Of course, Showtime already has its own version with Penny Dreadful ...

(via io9.com)

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