Watch: The 'Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers' opening, now with real chipmunks

For kids, and many college students, of the early 1990s, the animated Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers was party of a weekday ritual. Airing in reruns as part of the syndicated Disney Afternoon programming block, the adventures of the chipmunk detectives and their friends provided a welcome relief from the pressures of school, as well as catchy theme song that refused to leave your head.

Now the Disney blog Oh My Disney transports us back to that happy time with a recreation of the Rescue Rangers opening -- “Ch-ch-ch-chip ‘n’ Dale!" -- only this time using actual chipmunks in the starring roles. The video is a follow-up to last year's DuckTales tribute, which featured fuzzy little hat-wearing ducklings.

Clearly the chipmunks weren't fans of headgear.

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