Watch that BBC documentary on Frank Quitely

The BBC Four documentary about Frank Quitely we mentioned a couple of weeks ago has found its way online for viewing outside the United Kingdom.

The 30-minute episode aired as part of the channel's What Do Artists Do All Day? series, which as the title suggests, centers on the working lives of artists. This installment follows the Glaswegian artist during a day of penciling Jupiter's Legacy.

"If you're a brain surgeon or a judge -- a bad day at work is a big deal for someone," Quitely says. "A bad day for me is when I rub out more marks than I leave on the page."

"To do comics properly, to do the stories justice, takes a great deal of thought, but most of what I do is working from someone else's script," he says. "But everything that I'm putting into it is of myself; my imagination, my personal taste, my years of experience ... all in the service of telling the story. How to make people's eyes move quickly across the page, how to stop them in their tracks, how to make them feel what they need to feel. "Think of me more like an actor, using everything I've learned to turn in the performance of a lifetime, every time, but for someone else."


You can read more at BBC Arts & Culture.

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