Watch: 'Suicide Squad' Star Will Smith Knows How to Make an Entrance

Will Smith walked onto the stage Thursday with a level of confidence and charm to which most guests of "The Tonight Show" aspire: He smiled as he acknowledged the band and the audience, he embraced host Jimmy Fallon, he danced a little. But that wasn't enough for the "Suicide Squad" star, who said the enthusiastic crowd deserved a better entrance.

So he tried it again and again and again, ratcheting up his showmanship each time. First Will Smith rolled out in a giant hamster ball. Then he strolled out in a "Soul Train"-style dance line, which he acknowledged was "almost it."But to truly nail the entrance, Smith required a choir, a red carpet and his name in lights, which merely paved the way for him to ride out on a unicorn. Oh, there was also confetti and a dancing panda.

That's how you make an entrance.

"Suicide Squad" opens Aug. 5.

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