WATCH: Sucklord Mini-Doc Goes Inside The World Of Bootleg Action Figures

What happens when you combine Sleestaks and business suits, and Imperial stormtroopers and pink thongs? You get the work of the Sucklord, an underground artist who creates insane bootleg action figures.

"The Sucklord" is a mini-documentary that provides a fascinating look into the world of bootleg action figures. Created for the production studio Ghost Robot and directed by Joey Garfield, this four-minute short film profiles the Sucklord, whose real name is Morgan Phillips. He's a popular figure in custom toy manufacturing, working out of a studio he calls The Suckhole to mix, match, and modify existing action figures into new ones. Much of his work references Star Wars, which led him to contribute to series five and six of Topps' Star Wars Galaxy trading cards.

NOTE: The following video contains adult language:

"The Sucklord" by Joey Garfield from ghostrobot on Vimeo.

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