WATCH: "Star Wars: Battlefront" Trailer Shows Off "Bespin's" New Maps & Weapons, Familiar Characters

"Star Wars: Battlefront's" next stop is Cloud City, and Lando Calrissian is coming along for the ride.

A new video from Electronic Arts gives "Star Wars: Battlefront" players their first look at the Star Wars Galaxy's second-most famous bounty hunter, who joins the frey in "Star Wars: Battlefront's" upcoming "Bespin" expansion. Dengar, one of "The Empire Strikes Back's" iconic bounty hunters and "Bespin's" second playable character, also makes an appearance.

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In addition to the two new faces, the new trailer features "Bespin's" five new maps, including Cloud City's Carbon-Freezing Chambers, home of "The Empire Strikes Back's" climactic lightsaber duel. Fans will also get to see the new Cloud Car vehicle and some of "Bespin's" new equipment, including Scout Binoculars and enemy-freezing Shock Grenades, in action.

"Bespin" is "Star Wars Battlefront's" second paid expansion pack, and its third overall. Shortly after "Star Wars Battlefront's" November debut, a free content update added Jakku, the desert planet featured in "The Force Awakens," to the game. "The Outer Rim" expansion added maps set in Jabba the Hutt's palace, as well as the characters Greedo and Nien Nunb. A third expansion, "Death Star," will arrive later this year. A "Star Wars Battlefront" sequel, featuring content from the new movies, will be published by Electronic Arts in 2017.

"Bespin" is available for free on June 21, 2016 for anyone who owns the "Star Wars Battlefront" Season Pass. Other players can purchase "Bespin" on July 5, 2016.

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