WATCH: Stan Lee Leads Badass Brigade In New "Cosmic Crusaders" Cartoon

Ahead of San Diego's Comic-Con International, Stan Lee has taken charge of a squad of raucous aliens -- the animated version of the legendary Marvel Comics creator, that is. The Hollywood Reporter has unveiled "Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders," a new animated series produced by Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment in partnership with the Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International.

In addition to having Lee's name in the title, the icon also stars in the series as a version of himself that's tasked with training a squad of seven troublemaking aliens. Those aliens are originally dubbed "the Badass Brigade" by Lee in the series, although that name might not stick around. Deadpool co-creator and veteran comic book writer Fabian Nicieza provided scripts for the series, including the first episode (titled "They Came. They Saw. They Asked To Leave.") which you can watch below.

"I can't wait to bestow upon the world one of our latest creations, Stan Lee's Cosmic Crusaders," said Stan Lee in THR's press release. "Celebrating 75 years in the entertainment business is staggering enough, and as if this wasn't exciting enough, we've joined forces with my friends at The Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International so you don't want to miss out on this event!"

The four episodes of "Cosmic Crusaders" will debut every day through Friday at thr.com/cosmic.

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