WATCH: Sina Grace Gets "Self-Obsessed" in New Trailer for Comic-Based Web Series

In last year's "Self-Obsessed" graphic novel, Sina Grace explored his struggles as a comic creator who -- as he puts it -- isn't keen on making "meta-superhero-sexcapades-on-ice." Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Grace's Image Comics memoir is headed to the small screen.

"Self-Obsessed" will be adapted into a five-part web series written by and starring Grace, with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" Amber Benson and "Empire" star Adam Busch in supporting roles. Daniel Freedman is attached as director. The series will feature music from Feels, Nick Diamonds, Colleen Green and more and follow Grace's escapades in life, love and work in Los Angeles.

In addition to the web series, Grace will produce new "Self-Obsessed" comics for digital release, which will debut later this year. He is also known for his work for Image's "The Li'l Depressed Boy" and "Burn the Orphanage."

"Self-Obsessed" debuts online on March 22 on Grace's YouTube channel. A new episode will premiere each following Tuesday.

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