Watch Samurai Jack Cut a Swath Through Robots on His Spiked Motorbike

There are a lot of ways to reintroduce a character that has been absent from television for 12 years. The first clip from the season premiere of Cartoon Network’s revival of the “Samurai Jack” series certainly hits the spot, revealing the time-lost samurai fending off a horde of robotic beetles in full samurai regalia atop a motorbike that produces spikes from its wheels.

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Jack, who has been lost in the Aku-ruled future for 50 years without aging, has the same mission, but a few new toys to play with. The warrior now sports a telescoping staff with a series of intricate blades on one end and a deadly cattle prod-like device on the other. Jack only stops to take a breather when his mask is struck away by an unseen assailant. Without the mask, it’s easy to see what 50 years in a world ruled by Aku looks like.

You can check out the clip at Entertainment Weekly's site.

“Samurai Jack” debuted on Cartoon Network in 2001, airing 52 episodes and then ending in 2004. The series followed the exploits of a samurai named Jack, who was cast into the future by an evil creature named Aku. In this land ruled by Aku, Jack was forced to do battle with leagues of robots and assassins, all eager to destroy the samurai and net Aku’s favor.

The upcoming fifth season will see a more mature Jack, without a cause and on the brink of madness after 50 years of fighting. Meanwhile, yet another league of assassins has formed to take down the samurai once and for all.

"Samurai Jack" returns to Cartoon Network March 11 at 11 p.m.

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