Watch Robert Downey Jr. in 10 Weird and Wonderful Very Short Films

To promote its new smart phone, the HTC One M9, HTC enlisted Robert Downey Jr. to produce a series of "very short films" inspired by the device. The results are everything you'd hope for.

Given creative control, the actor and producer created 10 videos, each tied to a different color, but one wildly different from the next. In one, he's a soldier awakened by enemy fire, in another he's the uncooperative prisoner of a man in a rabbit suit. Downey even plays baseball using a raw chicken.

"Each film alludes to a different visual reference point," HTC's introduction explains, "from the '60s television show 'The Prisoner" to Andy Warhol's portrait of Pete Rose. The tone hops easily between comedic and sinister as the character innovates his way out of different situations."

Watch all 10 shorts below.

(via Topless Robot)

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