WATCH: Real-life insurance company protects you from superheroes

"Mercury Insurance covers it all," according to their website, including -- apparently -- superheroes. In a thirty-second advertisement published to YouTube, the insurance company claims to cover collateral damage caused by caped crusaders.

"The red guy threw my car at the blue guy, and the blue guy had a freeze ray," says the distressed claimant, standing in his destroyed living room.

"We see that a lot this time of year," his agent responds.

Check out the 30-second add for Mercury's Insurance's Superhero coverage below:

A click to protect yourself against "superhero damage" leads to a landing page advertising defense against the "super unexpected." Mercury's home, condo, and renter's insurances apparently offer individualized protection against "fire, lightning, smoke, storm damage, or other similar perils," and help to cover medical costs if guests are injured in your home.

It's not clear yet whether they'll help you pay for psychiatric damage if the "hero" in question is -- for instance-- the Purple Man, but they'll definitely help you pay for temporary housing if an earthquake knocks your apartment building down. They even offer collision insurance, in case your car really is re-purposed as a projectile.

If you live in a high-traffic superhero neighborhood, like San Francisco or New York City, you may want to combine some of these options. In fact, if you live in Hell's Kitchen, you're probably going to want to get them all.

To get a quote for Superhero (or other) Insurance, visit MercuryInsurance.com

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