WATCH: Paul Bettany's Daughter Loves Iron Man More Than Vision

You would think that the surest way to get to your child's heart is to become a genuine superhero. And for the most part, that's probably true -- unless you're Paul Bettany, and your co-star is Robert Downey Jr.

Appearing recently on "Conan," the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" star discussed how his recent promotion from the bodiless JARVIS program to the heroic synthezoid known as the Vision has affected his relationship with his daughter.

"Your kids must be excited that you're now... a big part of the franchise," Conan O'Brien said to the British actor.

"Oh, sure," Bettany replied. It's the only thing they've ever been interested in in anything I've ever done, ever." After further explaining that most of his work has been less than kid-friendly, and relating his concern over his young daughter seeing him in make-up on the set of the blockbuster film, Bettany dropped a bombshell on the late night host.

"Is the Vision her favorite character," O'Brien asked.

"Oh, no, no, no," Bettany quickly replied. "She loves, um... Robert Downey Jr."

And when the actor says his kid loves RDJ, he means it. In a video he shared with the audience, Bettany's daughter was meant to praise her father for Downey's benefit. However, she quickly goes off script, as you can see below, instead opting to tell Iron Man that she loves him, over and over again to her father's obvious amusement.

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