WATCH: New "Deadpool" Stunt Videos Arrive Online

Fox's "Deadpool" may have the most open set in superhero movie history.

While most Marvel and DC Comics-based productions are shrouded in mystery from Day 1, the Ryan Reynolds-starring film has seen high-resolution photos and videos from the set hitting the Internet on a near-daily basis for the past several weeks. Which is pretty fitting, considering the movie owes its existence in large part to the unauthorized leak of test footage created years ago.

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The latest "Deadpool" video to surface online isn't really a leak, though. Torry Courte Film, a post-production and special effects company, has uploaded a number of stunts filmed for the movie to its YouTube page. Among them, we see Wade Wilson slammed into a car, a stuntman performing a one-man fight scenes and more.

"Deadpool" will arrive in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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