WATCH: Netflix's "Jessica Jones" Is On The Case In First Trailer

Update (7:20 a.m.): Netflix has officially released the trailer -- enjoy it below!

Update (7:08 a.m.): The trailer apparently was accidentally released early. We'll update with new video once it officially debuts.

After a number of teaser spots and a motion poster, Netflix has finally given eager fans the first full-length trailer for "Jessica Jones." The series follows in "Daredevil's" footsteps in depicting the mean streets of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's New York CIty, and the show's the second of Netflix's four planned solo series starring heroes before they team-up for "The Defenders."

Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, a super-powered burnout trying to make ends meet by working as a private eye. The show also stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage (a character getting his own Netflix series in 2016), Carrie-Anne Moss as the high-powered lawyer Jeryn Hogarth, Rachael Taylor as Jess' friend Trish Walker and David Tennant as the downright despicable Kilgrave. You can see the cast in action in the trailer below.

The trailer comes just a few weeks after Marvel screened the first full episode for attendees at New York Comic-Con. The panel also featured the first public appearance of the (mostly) assembled cast.

All 13 episodes of "Jessica Jones" arrive on Netflix on November 20.

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