WATCH: Netflix's Dark Looks Like an Even Creepier Stranger Things

Netflix has found success with tales of missing children and supernatural phenomena with hits like "Stranger Things" and "OA," so it should probably come as no surprise that the streaming service is taking that formula to the international stage with "Dark," its first German-language original series.

Centering on the hunt for a missing child, a small town, and a group of adolescent friends, "Dark" sounds a lot like "Stranger Things." But as you watch the trailer, it becomes apparent that those similarities may be superficial. Where "Stranger Things" was built on '80s nostalgia and owed a clear debt to the films of Steven Spielberg, "Dark" looks to be taking a much, well, darker turn. There's an ominous vibe throughout the short trailer, which gives every indication of leaning more heavily on horror than either "Stranger Things" or "OA." From the unsettling cave in the woods in the opening moments, to the shot of a field filled with dead sheep, to one hell of a final reveal, "Dark" ups the creep factor considerably.


Netflix officially announced "Dark" yesterday as part of a recent push for original content in the European market that will also include a crime thriller called "Suburra" set in Italy, and "Las Chicas Del Cable," a romantic period drama from Spain.

"Dark" will premiere on Netflix in Winter 2017.

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