Watch Mark Waid track down the thief who stole his iPad

We already know he's a great chops-buster, but is Amazing Spider-Man, Incorruptible, and Irredeemable writer and BOOM! Chief Creative Officer Mark Waid a crimebuster too?

If you've followed his Twitter account today, you've watched him use the power of technology to hunt the thief who stole his iPad off an airplane after Waid left it there on a previous flight. Waid has already used MobileMe to determine the (alleged!) thief's address and Google Maps location, and, as of the latest update, he has the suspect pinpointed at a specific hotel at the Indianapolis International Airport. The writer says the local cops can't do anything until a report is filed by police in Los Angeles, where the iPad was initially lost; meanwhile, the LAPD says it's too busy to file the report. Just remember, this isn't the funnybooks: Let's let the proper authorities do their thing, no matter how easy the Internet has made taking the law into one's own hands, superhero-style.

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