WATCH: Karl Urban, Jeri Ryan & LeVar Burton Play New 'Star Trek' VR Game Together

Ubisoft is set to release a new virtual reality "Star Trek" game that lets you take control of your very own starship, alongside three other friends. The game, titled "Star Trek: Bridge Crew" was unveiled in a demonstration video with none other than "Star Trek" veterans Karl Urban ("Beyond"), LeVar Burton ("The Next Generation") and Jeri Ryan ("Voyager").

Set in the Abramsverse on the Aegis -- rather than the Enterprise -- the game calls players to work together as a specific crew member (captain, engineer, etc.), in a cooperative fashion similar to "Spaceteam."

Ryan said in the video, "This wasn’t anything like you see on the show...When we were shooting it, the bridge set was all plywood and plastic. When you’re looking at the ship’s monitors, they were either green screens or just big openings in the walls. This was incredible. It’s what it would be like if it were real."

Take a look at the demonstration with Urban, Burton and Ryan below:

"Star Trek: Bridge Crew" is set for release on the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR this fall.

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