Watch: Jimmy Kimmel asks, 'Do you know more Avengers or presidents?'

As part of "Marvel Week," Jimmy Kimmel Live sent out cameras to find out whether people on the street know the names of more Avengers or U.S. presidents. It went even worse than you probably expected.

“There are so many comic book movies now. I wanted to get a sense of how many people actually know all the characters,” host Jimmy Kimmel explained. “So we went out in the street and we asked people, ‘Name as many Avengers as you can.’ And then we asked them, ‘Name as many presidents as you can.'”

While it quickly became clear that "average" citizens may be familiar with Earth's Mightiest Mortals than the 43 men who have occupied the highest office in the land, things took a strange turn as Batman, Superman, Robin, the Power Rangers and Hawaii Five-O were added to the Avengers lineup.

And the White House? Well, its occupants apparently have included Thomas Edison, Ross Perot and jazz-funk musician Grover Washington Jr. It's a fact!

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