Watch incredible fan-made title sequence for 'Man of Steel'

I can't help but admire the devotion to a comic book or a character that leads some fans to create tributes in the form of tribute films, webseries, or trailers for motion pictures that will probably never exist -- and I wish I had that sort of passion for a work of fiction (and, y'know, the talent and resources to do something like that).

Luckily for us, however, the folks at the production company Will & Tale don't lack in any of those areas, and gleefully undertook a three-month "passion project" to create an unofficial title sequence for director Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

Unlike many similar fan-created videos, this one doesn't include any footage borrowed from trailers, video games or other movies: Everything was done by Will & Tale, with impressive results. You can even see some of the process on the blog.

"The story we developed is a take on our favorite superhero, Superman," the introduction states. "We created a narrative of news anchors and eyewitnesses highlighting major events throughout Clark Kent’s life. It was important to have Clark’s story told by the world and show how he has impacted the lives of others."

Man of Steel opens nationwide June 14.

(via IGN.com)

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