Watch: In 'Spider-Man' Director's 'Clown,' Got Your Nose Takes on New Meaning

The new clip from "Clown" is just 60 seconds long, but you may have difficulty making it all the way through.

Directed and co-written by Jon Watts, who will next helm "Spider-Man: Homecoming" for Marvel Studios and Sony, the supernatural horror film plays on the near-universal fear of clowns. If you weren't already afraid of the circus performers before, you probably will be by the time you finish the scene below.

"Clown" tells the tragic story of Kent McCoy, a father who slowly realizes the clown outfit he donned for his son's sixth birthday might have festive plans of its own. What begins as a simple gag becomes a race to stop an evil curse from destroying everything Kent loves.

The idea for "Clown" originated in 2010 as a faux-trailer, also co-written by Watts and Christopher D. Ford, and erroneously touted a production credit from Eli Roth. Roth eventually stumbled onto the video, and decided to take the duo up on their claim.

Arriving June 17 in select theaters and on demand, "Clown" stars Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen and Elizabeth Whitmere.

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