Watch Heavily Armed Batman: Black & White Statue Come To Life


The Batman: Black & White line of statues from DC Collectibles brings to life different designs of the caped crusader and members of his rogue's gallery. Each new statue features a take on a character from the Bat-mythos designed by a specific artist, leaving their mark on the Dark Knight. Previous statues have been designed by Jim Lee, David Mazzuchelli, Paul Dini, Lee Bermejo, Greg Capullo, Jock and more.

A new statue in the line from DC Collectibles features a design by South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi -- and it's a Batman like you've never seen before. Clad in a mechsuit of armor, this take on Batman comes with a gatling gun. A new video released by DC Entertainment shows how the statue went from a design by Kim Jung Gi to a three-dimensional statue thanks to sculptor Jon Matthews. You can check out the creation process in the time-lapse video below, and you will be able to add this statue to your shelf in May 2017.

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