Watch Harrison Ford Crush a Fan's Dreams (and LEGO Millennium Falcon)

Conan O'Brien used the "Star Wars"-themed episode of his talk show last night as a chance for producer and super-fan Jordan Schlansky to ask "The Force Awakens" director J.J. Abrams and star Harrison Ford a burning, if esoteric, franchise question. Undeterred by the actor's deadpan response of "Maybe," Schlansky then brought out his prized possession for Ford to sign: a LEGO Millennium Falcon.

"They're selling for about $5,000 now, and it took about 60 man hours to create," he explains, "and I display it with pride, but it would really mean the world to me if Harrison could sign it."

Ford agrees, only to drop the model in the over-the-top display of clumsiness, sending it crashing to the floor. "Shucks," he says. "Oh, that's bad."

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